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I’m wide awake!

Gaia the cat, hopped up on some good quality ‘nip.



Pretending to sleep

Dreaming of dinner

Our friends’ cat Gaia, no doubt dreaming of the tuna she’ll eat for dinner tonight. 🙂

Smelling the sun

Our cat, the weird one, was sitting at our patio door trying to smell the sunlight streaming in through the glass door. She sat there for a full hour just sniffing at the sunbeams.

Just talk to the paw

Ms. Funny Kitty puts up her paw to call a pause to playtime.

HMS (Her Master’s Slippers)

Our cat loves playtime. Her favourite toy though, are Sri’s slippers.


Pretty girl


Catnip high


Cat at play

Freedom Fighter Kitty Dreams of a Free World

Our Cat