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Welcome to The Digital Dimension of Photography!

Sri and Prarthna are your hosts on this photoblog. Read on for more information about each of them.

Introduction – Sri Raghu

I am an amateur photographer. I still have a long way to go, and lots to learn!  I am in the process of learning the nuances of digital photography such as composition, lighting, varied subjects, and shooting in low-light conditions.

My Camera

Canon 60D with 18-200mm IS lens (DSLR)

My Process

I take over 100 photos and shortlist the ten best. After a lot of deliberation and analysis, I select one photo out of the ten shortlisted ones for the blog. I do not do any post-processing on my computer. My objective is to capture images and make them look exactly the way the human eye sees them. I only edit the photos to add my copyright. Other than that, the photos are exactly as they were downloaded from the camera.

My Interests

  • Night Photography
  • Cityscape
  • Nature
  • Wildlife
  • Buildings
  • Water

Enjoy the photos!

Introduction – Prarthna Sri

I am a lazy photographer. Photography is a passion, but just a passion that stems from my passion for the beauty of life. On most days, I don’t even carry my Canon camera with me, instead choosing to just use the camera on my Smartphone. My compositions are sort of “live in the moment”, where I capture whatever catches my eye. As far as actual photography techniques go, I have a very long way yet to go.

Your bouquets and brickbats are both equally welcome. If you particularly enjoyed a photo, please feel free to use the various sharing options on the page to share it to your social networks. If you disliked a photo, please do leave a comment with more information about how I can make my photos better.

My Cameras

  • Canon 60D with 18-200mm IS lens (DSLR)
  • Smartphone 

My Process

My process varies from photo-op to photo-op. Some days, I’ll see something that I want to capture and am happy with that one shot. Other days, I’ll take a lot of photos and only love one or two. The idea is always to focus on the quality of composition, lighting, and technique, rather than on the subject itself. The only post-processing on my photos is to add the copyright information and (in rare cases and only when I use the iPhone to take photos) to crop out unwanted edges to add better focus.

My Favourite Subjects

When I’m not taking pictures of people and nature, my subjects tend towards the more abstract things found in day to day life. My photography, just like my imagination, loves to run wild.

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